I am a DIYer. Is that even a word?! I don’t know but it should be!

Thanks to things like Pinterest I think most of us are or try to be.

Anyways, I have been wanting to put some finishing touches in the babies room and I knew he needed some pops of color in there. I took a more rustic neutral approach to his room so I wanted to perk it up a little. I had been seeing the pom-pom garland all over Etsy and Pinterest and thought this could be easy enough for me to try (I had already tried to make felt bunting for his room and that was an epic fail so I left that one up to the professionals). But, like I said, this one seemed easy enough. After scouring Google and Pinterest for some how-to’s and a little trial and error, I came up with my own technique and actually breezed through this pretty quickly. I will say more power to you shop owners that do this more than once. I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to make this on a regular basis.


To start you are going to want to pick out a color of yarn that you would like and grab some scissors.

I left the yarn wound up how it is when you buy it and just worked from there so it wouldn’t get tangled.

Start by taking the end of the yarn and wrapping it around four of your fingers. Leave a tail of the yarn out because you will use this later to tie it off.


Please excuse my hands,  I’m no hand model y’all!

You will continue to wrap the yarn around your fingers until you have a good amount of yarn built up.


Once you have a good amount of the yarn wrapped you will take the end that you were wrapping and cut it evenly with the original piece that was left out. After you cut that pull out your pinky and pointer finger so you have more room to work. Take the original piece you left hanging out and wrap it around the middle of the yarn and through your fingers.

tut3Take the other piece that was left out and wrap it the opposite way and pull tight. Then tie both of these pieces in a knot.

tut4After you have tied it in a knot slip out one finger and cut that loop down the middle.



Do this with the other side and you have finished your pom-pom.

tut7Now here are some cute ideas on what to do with your finished product.

tut9.jpgTo make a pom-pom flower simply hot glue the end of a stick into the middle of the pom-pom. Way cuter then fake flowers in your vases.

If you were wanting to make the garland its super simple. Make a bunch of the pom-poms and get a long piece of twine or rope and take two pieces of the yarn and tie the pom-poms to the twine.



Tie on as many pom-poms as you would like and use to decorate for parties or any occasion.



Well I hope my picture happy tutorial made this easy for you. I enjoy little details like this in my kids rooms or for decorating for holidays. This was way cheaper than buying some already made and it really didn’t take that long! Hope you give it a try!

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