I have always loved cooking. To me its an expression of my creativity. Combining different tastes and textures to create a delicious final product. Over the years, as with anything, my cooking and baking styles have changed shape. I have discovered that the more quality ingredients I use the better taste of the final product. Common sense right!? For example, smooth creamy grass fed butter has the most unbelievable taste, or real homemade vanilla extract made with real whole vanilla beans not… Read more »

I have a few vices. Well, I’m sure if I were being totally honest it would be more than a few. But, my favorites are, coffee, chocolate, and coconut. Really, nothing beats those three things. One day during a particularly amazing afternoon (all kids napping at the same time, amazing right?!) I decided to combine all three of those things. The most amazing frappe was born. Now, I must disclose this information. This is a treat. If I drank this daily I… Read more »

Coffee. Need I say more? I drink water or coffee. That’s about it. However living in Arizona drinking hot coffee in the afternoon is like torture so iced coffee is the way to go. It was a glorious day when I found this recipe online from the Pioneer Woman to make your own iced coffee concentrate. Now I am going to pay it forward and brighten up your day by sharing the recipe with you! First you need to start with… Read more »