I am a DIYer. Is that even a word?! I don’t know but it should be! Thanks to things like Pinterest I think most of us are or try to be. Anyways, I have been wanting to put some finishing touches in the babies room and I knew he needed some pops of color in there. I took a more rustic neutral approach to his room so I wanted to perk it up a little. I had been seeing the… Read more »

I have a confession. I love Instagram. Like really love it. I think that it is the greatest memory book ever. Its simple to capture those special moments, edit them using different apps, and then load into a place where you can always see. Because of this I found myself taking the majority of my pictures with my phone. But who doesn’t right!? It’s so much easier to capture those quick sweet silly moments. The downfall of this was that I never really did… Read more »

What a fun project this was. I so enjoy making special spaces throughout my home, and finally creating a big girl room was even more fun than I could have imagined. This room has sort of evolved over the past two years and a lot of the pieces are either thrifted, passed down, or are a DIY project. Baby girl was involved in a lot of the process and loved being right there while we put it all together. Even though… Read more »