Cold and flu season is dwindling down but if your kids are anything like mine they hang onto the coughs until the bitter end. This trio however, liquid gold I tell ya.  I slather this on before bed and add to the diffuser and it quickly calms that nagging and annoying cough. We know thieves is amazing at killing any and all bacteria or viruses and we know frankincense is great at promoting lung health and is a great immunity boosting… Read more »

Sleep is something that for a very long time has been few and far between. Between four kids, a husband, and a dog, I feel like someone is always waking, and usually waking up mama. Why do they feel like mama should be waken up instead of Daddy? Is that just my house? Goodness. Well, when we started using Essential Oils, I knew I wanted a sleepytime blend that I could introduce into a bedtime routine. Now, I don’t want… Read more »

I wanted to introduce y’all to a few of my favorite mixes. Allergies. We all have them, yea? Well this allergy trio is magical. Seriously. As most of you know my son has really bad allergies, so bad that he usually can’t ever breathe out of his nose. Until we introduced this combo. While he isn’t old enough to swallow a gel capsule he does find relief through the diffuser and topical method. What are you waiting for? I posted… Read more »

Remember that time when I unpacked the premium starter kit with y’all? Well, I think I should finish it, don’t you? We have already discussed, what essential oils are, lavender, frankincense, purification, and thieves oil. So today we are unpacking lemon essential oil. Lemon is just that. 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon essential oil. In fact, because these are such concentrated oils it takes about 75 lemons to make up a full size bottle of lemon oil. Young Living’s lemon essential… Read more »

I’m continuing my series of unpacking the premium starter kit with y’all. Today we will unpack Purification. Purification oil is a blend specific to Young Living, and it is amazing. When you smell it you immediately notice the citronella aroma, but purification is also made up of lemongrass,  rosemary, melaleuca, lavandin, and myrtle oils. Because all of those oils have a purification property this is a very cleansing oil. Some of the main uses of this oil is to cleanse and… Read more »

Frankincense. I think this is an essential oil that we are all pretty familiar with. At least the name. Frankincense was one of the three oils presented to baby Jesus the night he was born. It is considered a holy oil, and plays key parts throughout history dating all the way back to King Tut, it was found in his tomb.  This oil, when ordered on its own has a pretty hefty price tag, but if you order the premium… Read more »

I am continuing my series of unpacking the Young Living premium starter kit. I started off just introducing you to essential oils, and last week we learned about lavender and today we are going to learn more about Thieves Essential Oil blend. Thieves Essential Oil oil is a blend of essential oils exclusive to Young Living. I also think it is the most well known of the oil blends and definitely one of the most popular, with good reason. Thieves oil is a… Read more »

As promised I am going to be doing an introduction to everyday essential oils. I started off here a few weeks ago just introducing you to the idea of essential oils. Like I had said, essential oils have sort of become the new “thing” lately, but I truly believe it is with good reason. Just last night my little guy had a stomach bug, I quickly covered him with a combination of oils and began diffusing some more, and he… Read more »

Where do I even begin. Essential Oils. These seem to be all the rage right now, am I right? But friends, truthfully and honestly, from the bottom of my heart…they really should be. Do you want to know why? They are a perfectly natural way to boost your immune system, heal your body, and enhance your well being. My goal for this series is to inform you of the benefits of essential oils. To introduce you to my favorites and… Read more »

Y’all I am so excited to share this one with you. As a mama of kids who have allergies and a nursing babe I am always looking for products that won’t irritate or overwhelm them. For my birthday my sweet sister in law gifted me the most amazing essential oil fragrance that I instantly fell in love with. It is light and clean but also unique and lasting. After researching the company and finding out how passionate they are about using all natural organic ingredients I fell even more in love. Ambre Blends is… Read more »