I wrote a brief caption about this last night on my Instagram but I can’t help but speak on it a little more here. Comparison is something I have struggled with for a very long time. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and forget about what you have, isn’t it? I spent the last week trying to figure out why my eye was twitching. It wouldn’t stop, in fact it bothered me so… Read more »

Lately, I have been shown the overwhelming grace of Gods timing. Everything in its season and time. Yeah? I just sit here in amazement at the place where I am at… This place, right here, right now.  Everything that I am surrounded by are dreams that weren’t ever even dreamed. I have friends that I never knew would be in my life really in my life and filling me up with truth every single day. I have children I didn’t… Read more »

Over the summer I was asked to be a children’s leader at the Bible Study I have been attending. I couldn’t help but laugh. Bible study was my alone time. My time to myself, the few quiet hours of adult interaction sans kids. They were now asking me to give that up, to teach even more kids, and on top of that teach kids that weren’t even mine. I had to think about it. Right!? I mean how is one… Read more »

This last weekend we decided to explore outside our cabin a little bit. We have been having some very trying times lately and a little fresh air and change of scenery felt like the right thing to do. We found ourselves driving down a bumpy dirt road, mud flying up into the air from the tires, mist hitting our faces as we peeked outside the window at the beautiful country enveloping us from all sides, and Gods creatures just wandering… Read more »

source Following Gods promptings is kind of a scary thing, yeah?! I have always felt like I am pretty good at seeing those moments. The ones that He places before me. The tasks that I should complete in His name, for His glory. But lately I have felt like I have been playing it safe. And maybe that all those times that I thought I was risking myself by putting myself out there for Him that I was really just doing… Read more »