Someone turned four on Valentines Day. Someone else failed at writing anything about that. Goodness gracious I couldn’t let this beautiful milestone go undocumented. Her only two requests… A tea party with no boys allowed. Because, boys run and yell and are loud of course. So that is exactly what I did. Can I let you in on a little secret? I have been dreaming about this day since before she was ever thought of. It was perfect, and sweet,… Read more »

My oldest son just started playing football for the very first time. I think that I kind of love it. I love seeing him on a team interacting and having fun with other kids, mainly because this has always been a struggle, but I also love the discipline I see this sport teaching him. Taking a knee before the coach, huddling with his team coming up with plays, listening and working together, and pushing himself to hustle and follow directions…. Read more »

I always hear the saying it takes a village…to raise a child. I am sure you all have as well. But one thing that I have learned over the years is how untrue that statement really is. I can’t help but think and say that it takes an entire country. I often wonder what people do when they aren’t blessed with family or close friends near by. I think back to when I was a working mom and the amount… Read more »

We haven’t had a real Christmas tree in quite a few years. As a matter of fact we haven’t even had a fake one. We sort of went on a tree hiatus, but this year….well, my husband and I wanted to put a little more magic in the traditions. So we not only did a real tree…we went to cut down our own. Yea, yea, yea…. In most states this is a totally normal thing…in fact in most states there… Read more »

Every year at Thanksgiving I make all of us get together for one family picture. It’s kind of a tradition and you can see through the years the way our family has grown. I love it. And even though most years I cringe seeing myself in the picture….because most years the pictures are of me postpartum (curse of having four babes I suppose;)) I love seeing us all together. But, I am beginning to realize exactly how difficult it is to get… Read more »

I read once that you can’t keep having babies just because you like having babies. Such wisdom right?! At least for me. I love babies. I love everything about a newborn. Being pregnant, the birth, breastfeeding, waking up at all hours, co-sleeping, baby wearing,  all of it. I guess that’s why I have four babes. Only thing is, those babies, yea, they grow up. Having little people is tough. I am embarking on this new stage of parenthood and it… Read more »

source Things have been crazy around here lately. And when I say crazy, I mean, I feel like I am catching a glimpse of our future. Driving to and from this and that, each day having somewhere to go, someone to see, something to do. It is kind of intense but also really fun. As you may have heard we are getting ready to take a leap of faith and put our house up for sale. We are doing this… Read more »

Little moments. Life is made up of a bunch of them. I want to remember every piece of this. More importantly I want him to. Her smile, her hair, the way she scrunched her face as she examined every last petal. The way she looked at him and him at her. The giggles, the spins, the twirls of her dress. All of these are memories that I am sure she will forget, but they are some that we never will. Little moments are what make big memories. Little… Read more »

Sourdough toast with the perfect amount of butter. It always tasted better at her house. I remember sitting on her oversized velvet chair. I would spin in circles, round and round and round, catching my reflection in the mirrored china cabinet full of all of her special treasures, stealing handfuls of trail mix from crystal dishes in between spins. Round and round and round. Only stopping when I would hear the alarm from the microwave. The sound followed by the… Read more »

Yes, her. That one right up there. She, is three. And that picture about sums up this beautifully feisty one perfectly. Lovingly referred to as wild one, and night owl. This sweet child completed a piece of my heart that I didn’t know was missing. I have mentioned before how I spent years praying for her. After having two boys super close in age, the husband and I vowed we were done with babies. But then. Oh but then. I… Read more »