Like most I indulged a lot over the holidays. I mean a lot like, thank goodness for my gym membership (and actually going) a lot. With that said, once New Years hit I decided to give up refined sugar, and in doing so I very quickly realized I had an addiction. I’m talking, headaches, dreaming about cookies, feeling sick, and getting cranky addiction. Yes, I am very embarrassed to admit that to you all, but I am (accountability is good right?). Anyways, I live… Read more »

I mentioned before that we took the gluten free plunge after the new year. Part of my pledge to myself was to have this be an easy transition for my family. I didn’t want to scare off my husband or children with a drastic change to our normal menu. I am a firm believer that good whole foods are the most delicious foods and I try my best to serve them in a way that is comforting to those eating…. Read more »

 Well, now that Christmas is over I think we all need a little sugar detox. Or am I just speaking for myself? Mine will start as soon as I polish off the last piece of butter toffee. I mean that stuff is too good to waste, but in all seriousness, I need to detox. With that said, I think I have also mentioned my sons allergies. My second born was diagnosed with a crazy amount of allergies when he was… Read more »