Lately, I have been shown the overwhelming grace of Gods timing. Everything in its season and time. Yeah? I just sit here in amazement at the place where I am at… This place, right here, right now.  Everything that I am surrounded by are dreams that weren’t ever even dreamed. I have friends that I never knew would be in my life really in my life and filling me up with truth every single day. I have children I didn’t… Read more »

source Can I just start out by saying, God is good. Like, so good. I have spent some quiet time away from this space lately, and to be honest, I miss my fingers punching these keys, and I miss my thoughts just pouring out, but it has been good. In a world that is so fast paced and one that never turns off, quiet is good. I think I can speak for most moms when I say that I spend… Read more »

My second born lost two teeth last week. Well, more like mama pulled them out! This sweet boy has been desperately wanting to lose a tooth ever since big bro lost his. So when one started to get even a little wiggly it was his mission to make it come out. Finally the tooth was loose enough that he came up to me and ever so bravely asked me to pull it out. Well, I pulled out that tooth and he… Read more »