This past week while walking through the aisles of Target I began to pick and choose my kids holiday outfits. Seriously, I always question my sanity when I do this. Mainly because I usually have all four kids with me and two of the four are too big to be strapped down in the cart, and the other two…well I can never seem to get the straps tight enough. But that’s a different story for another that I think requires a glass of… Read more »

My boy. My firstborn boy. He is amazing, brilliant, smart, loving, honorable, and so hard working. But we have yet to find his thing. The thing that sets his little heart on fire. And this boy, he is so serious, seeing him smile hasn’t been an easy task lately. So you better believe when we found his thing. The thing that set him ablaze. The thing that made him smile for days after he did it. Well, you better believe… Read more »

I have never been a dancer. Like ever. Back in high school whenever we had to dance for cheer I was always very strategically tucked back in the corner. I was awkward and uncomfortable just trying as I could to fit in and not stand out too much. You know, just doing what was necessary to get by. Making sure I didn’t look different, and always worrying who was watching. Steps and rhythm didn’t come easily to me, and still… Read more »

This morning I was chatting with one of my most favorite girlfriends. A little bit into our conversation she began to ask for advice on raising four kids. I couldn’t help but laugh. I went on to say how my fourth child seemed to be the one that gave me the biggest run for my money. Not because he is a hard baby, but because life just seems more difficult with four little humans. I never skipped a beat after… Read more »

You are one today. I look in on you as you are sleeping soundly, and I remember. I remember the feelings I had when I found out we were expecting you. The joy, the happiness, the worry, the anxiousness. I loved you before I even knew you were there. I remember praying over you daily my sweet boy, every moment of every day while you were growing inside of me and now as I watch you grow out in this big world. You… Read more »

We celebrated baby boys first birthday on Saturday. My heart has seriously been feeling all the things, and counting down the days, so this party was extra special. I had a lot of fun getting all the decorations together for our little camping themed party, even though our little camper slept through most of it;) It was quiet and lovely and intimate and perfect. I want to remember every single moment of it and these pictures sure will help. I… Read more »

The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014. Its been quite the week in our house. Lots of big and inconvenient challenges. One of those being my oldest getting the flu. He spent most of the first day in bed so uncomfortable and so sick. The next day he awoke from his fog and his fever had finally broke. He was still weak and sick and breaking his mamas heart but he wanted some… Read more »

The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014. This sweet boy is showing off the board he broke at a birthday party this weekend. He was so proud, and wanted nothing more than to document it as many times as possible. Alone times with just one child are few and far between, so he has been on cloud nine all weekend. And those big boy teeth, oh, they make my mama heart hurt. This… Read more »

The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014. This picture shows his personality so perfectly. In fact I feel like this week you can see into each one of their spirits through the pictures. He is so old for his sweet young age. At seven years old I feel like he has the spirit of an old man. Whenever I see him around kids his own age, when he is in his element, he… Read more »

The 52 project: One portrait of each of my children once a week for fifty two weeks. This seems like such an amazing concept. I mean the whole reason I started writing was because I wanted to remember these days with my babies. Although, two of them are no longer babies, and because of this, there may be some weeks where the older two are missing, or their pictures are a little more concealed. They are big enough now to… Read more »