My boy. My firstborn boy. He is amazing, brilliant, smart, loving, honorable, and so hard working. But we have yet to find his thing. The thing that sets his little heart on fire. And this boy, he is so serious, seeing him smile hasn’t been an easy task lately. So you better believe when we found his thing. The thing that set him ablaze. The thing that made him smile for days after he did it. Well, you better believe… Read more »

Over the summer I was asked to be a children’s leader at the Bible Study I have been attending. I couldn’t help but laugh. Bible study was my alone time. My time to myself, the few quiet hours of adult interaction sans kids. They were now asking me to give that up, to teach even more kids, and on top of that teach kids that weren’t even mine. I had to think about it. Right!? I mean how is one… Read more »

My dearest, sweet boy. You are seven today. Seven. You came into this world so quietly, and still continue to amaze us with your seriousness. We always joked about how you were such a serious baby, quiet until almost three, but always taking in the world around you. You continue to do that. You are never one to just take someones word for it, you always question, always dig a little deeper, you care to know why something does what… Read more »

I have never been a dancer. Like ever. Back in high school whenever we had to dance for cheer I was always very strategically tucked back in the corner. I was awkward and uncomfortable just trying as I could to fit in and not stand out too much. You know, just doing what was necessary to get by. Making sure I didn’t look different, and always worrying who was watching. Steps and rhythm didn’t come easily to me, and still… Read more »

 We saw the flashes of light before we heard the rumble of the thunder. Teeth were brushed, pajamas on, sheets were pulled back, and goodnight’s were said. But the rain. Oh the rain. After the loud crashes from the thunder we heard the drops hit the roof. There was no ease into the storm, it was as though the heavens had parted and the water ran down. We peeked through the windows at the storm that was happening all around… Read more »

This morning I was chatting with one of my most favorite girlfriends. A little bit into our conversation she began to ask for advice on raising four kids. I couldn’t help but laugh. I went on to say how my fourth child seemed to be the one that gave me the biggest run for my money. Not because he is a hard baby, but because life just seems more difficult with four little humans. I never skipped a beat after… Read more »

The alarm goes off. I barely even wake from it now. But on this particular morning I look over at my phone to see the time, 4:30 a.m. on the dot, every single morning. I roll over and fall back asleep. I hear the shower going but am in and out of sleep and awake only to the slightest brush of a kiss on my cheek. See you later, love you. Have a good day, love you. I am asleep… Read more »

source Pulling from the archives tonight friends, because I cant help but feel pained and hurt with all the words I have seen and heard swirled around lately. Speak life friends. Speak life. I was reminded of a saying last night that I am sure we all grew up hearing, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. The story isn’t mine to tell, but the lesson is. Words are a big huge deal. Words can… Read more »

It’s 2 am and the cries echo the walls. she awakens from just a few short hours of sleep. She makes her way to comfort the tears. As she walks through the dark otherwise silent house she trips over toy after toy. Muttering about the mess she continues on her mission until she finally makes her way to the one who needs her. She’s there. He stops the second she lifts him from the crib. She brings him into bed… Read more »

The weather here has been amazing. I’m not one to brag but seriously, knowing what is in store for us in just a few short months has me appreciating what we have now. Because of the amazing weather, and my desire for a little exercise, we have started hiking up a nearby mountain in the mornings after we drop the boys at school. Just me, wild one, and baby boy. Each trip has had its share of interesting experiences, but being… Read more »