Sourdough toast with the perfect amount of butter. It always tasted better at her house. I remember sitting on her oversized velvet chair. I would spin in circles, round and round and round, catching my reflection in the mirrored china cabinet full of all of her special treasures, stealing handfuls of trail mix from crystal dishes in between spins. Round and round and round. Only stopping when I would hear the alarm from the microwave. The sound followed by the… Read more »

I am going to get really real with you all today, these past two weeks have been pretty challenging. We had a scare a few weeks back with my littlest love. He violently vomited until he turned blue and almost passed out. We took him to the hospital and they gave him some meds and ruled it a stomach bug. Well, last week the same thing happened again. We finally figured out the only common factor was that he had sweet potatoes… Read more »

Today marks eight years with my love. Eight years. I cannot even believe it. We were such babies. So in love and so naïve to the challenges that we would face. We met and knew instantly. Our lives quickly became a whirlwind. We couldn’t imagine life without each other. We wanted it all right away. Our story may not be right but it is ours, and that makes it perfectly perfect. As I look back at the past eight years I… Read more »

I had just had my precious third baby, my sweet little girl. I had been praying and waiting for this day for years. Life was beautiful, almost like a fairytale. My oldest was off at school, my second born was in preschool a few days a week, and I had all the time in the world to spend with my sweet little girl. I swore I would do it different. I knew I wanted to relish these days. I wanted… Read more »

“Lord if it is you” Peter replied “tell me to come to you on the water. “Come” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind he was afraid and began to sink…Matthew 14:28-31 When I read this passage I had one of those “ahha” moments. The moment where you finally understand what God is trying to tell you. I don’t know if it is because of… Read more »

My dearest loves. Every night as you fall asleep I can’t help but replay the day through my head. The ups and the downs. Did I get it right or did I fail you all in some way? Looking at you all is like looking at a little piece of my heart outside of my body. I find myself smiling and frowning and laughing and shaking my head at each little moment that occurred throughout the day. These moments probably will be forgotten by… Read more »

Christmas isn’t about presents, it is about Jesus. It is about his birthday. Christmas can be a time full of expectations. Are your presents going to be received with bursts of joy or did you fall short. Are you going to get that gift that you have been wanting or are you going to be disappointed. Will you get that perfect family picture or will they not turn out how you had hoped. Will your kids be well behaved or will everyone… Read more »

I think by now we have all been completely bombarded by the thoughts of Christmas being too commercialized. That the meaning of Christmas is being taken away, that we are being consumed with gift giving, and spending money, and wanting things that we don’t need. But unfortunately, I feel like no matter how hard you try and simplify Christmas, it can be hard to remove that excitement especially if you have young children. Between parties at school, movies on television,… Read more »

Moments are made. They are pieces of time where you are intentional. Where you are present. Where you choose to live life. A lot of the time, when I am wanting to post things here for you all to view I find myself behind the lens of a camera trying to capture the perfect picture or looking for the most creative way to show you what I am living. But the problem with that is a lot of the time I miss that moment…. Read more »

. Sometimes, well a lot of the times, my schedule controls me. I ever so perfectly plan out my days and weeks allowing for little to no room for error. Then life happens. Kids get sick, Christmas parties change days, and my schedule goes out the door. And I falter. I make a mess of it all. Well today, I dropped that ball, but I caught it before it hit the ground. We sat down, we created, and we made a… Read more »