Remember that time when I unpacked the premium starter kit with y’all? Well, I think I should finish it, don’t you? We have already discussed, what essential oils are, lavender, frankincense, purification, and thieves oil. So today we are unpacking lemon essential oil. Lemon is just that. 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon essential oil. In fact, because these are such concentrated oils it takes about 75 lemons to make up a full size bottle of lemon oil. Young Living’s lemon essential… Read more »

Y’all I am so excited to share this one with you. As a mama of kids who have allergies and a nursing babe I am always looking for products that won’t irritate or overwhelm them. For my birthday my sweet sister in law gifted me the most amazing essential oil fragrance that I instantly fell in love with. It is light and clean but also unique and lasting. After researching the company and finding out how passionate they are about using all natural organic ingredients I fell even more in love. Ambre Blends is… Read more »

I shared this story on my sweet friend Carrington’s blog a couple months back but this story holds such a special spot in my heart that I had to share it here. In August of 2012 I took a pregnancy test and saw two little lines. Two lines that terrified me and also blessed me. Two lines that would forever change our family of five and my heart. You see this pregnancy came almost immediately after I lost my angel baby. The… Read more »