Sleep is something that for a very long time has been few and far between. Between four kids, a husband, and a dog, I feel like someone is always waking, and usually waking up mama. Why do they feel like mama should be waken up instead of Daddy? Is that just my house? Goodness. Well, when we started using Essential Oils, I knew I wanted a sleepytime blend that I could introduce into a bedtime routine. Now, I don’t want… Read more »

I wanted to introduce y’all to a few of my favorite mixes. Allergies. We all have them, yea? Well this allergy trio is magical. Seriously. As most of you know my son has really bad allergies, so bad that he usually can’t ever breathe out of his nose. Until we introduced this combo. While he isn’t old enough to swallow a gel capsule he does find relief through the diffuser and topical method. What are you waiting for? I posted… Read more »

I am looking for you. The mama who wants to spend more time with her kids. The college student looking to make ends meet. The young woman who needs a little extra income without a lot of work. The friend who wants to help those around her achieve a healthier lifestyle. The student who is energized and excited to learn. Let me pour into you. Let me help you build a real business from the comfort of your home. Let… Read more »

Frankincense. I think this is an essential oil that we are all pretty familiar with. At least the name. Frankincense was one of the three oils presented to baby Jesus the night he was born. It is considered a holy oil, and plays key parts throughout history dating all the way back to King Tut, it was found in his tomb.  This oil, when ordered on its own has a pretty hefty price tag, but if you order the premium… Read more »