Every year at Thanksgiving I make all of us get together for one family picture. It’s kind of a tradition and you can see through the years the way our family has grown. I love it. And even though most years I cringe seeing myself in the picture….because most years the pictures are of me postpartum (curse of having four babes I suppose;)) I love seeing us all together. But, I am beginning to realize exactly how difficult it is to get… Read more »

I love family pictures. I love having all my littles in one space at one time dressed up so very cute and catching whatever mischief comes out and then getting to keep it forever. I also love dressing my kids up for family pictures. It is something that I have loved to do and something that others often ask for my help with, so I guess that makes me feel comfortable enough to share some tips with y’all. Throughout this… Read more »

I have a confession. I love Instagram. Like really love it. I think that it is the greatest memory book ever. Its simple to capture those special moments, edit them using different apps, and then load into a place where you can always see. Because of this I found myself taking the majority of my pictures with my phone. But who doesn’t right!? It’s so much easier to capture those quick sweet silly moments. The downfall of this was that I never really did… Read more »