It’s been so fun jumping back into a regular presence on this space. I have loved getting my creative juices flowing and starting back up with my food photography, did you catch this recipe and this one? I think one cancels out the other, hopefully. Currently I am enjoying that all my shows are back, I was slowly mourning the end of Parenthood, I feel like I am good and content with closing that chapter because the past two episodes have left… Read more »

Cookies are my weakness. Like so much so that I think I could live off of cookies alone. I love eating cookies, baking cookies, giving away cookies, developing recipes for cookies (insert Forrest Gump movie line here). I think you get it right?! The easy thing about cookies is once you have a nice solid recipe, you can tweak it and develop new recipes over and over again. Take my tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe, that turned into my browned… Read more »

I have always tried to eat healthy. Sometimes I do better than others, and this past month or so has been one of those times. I think the key to eating well is being prepared. When I don’t have a plan of what I am going to eat for breakfast or lunch I’ll usually just grab what is easy and what will fill me up. But if I shop intentionally and map out meal ideas (I am not a good… Read more »

Today’s recipe is brought to you by an incredibly busy week and one overripe watermelon. Tuesday evening my sister in law went into labor. Wednesday was my son’s eighth birthday. Wednesday we also had the appraisal on our home. And early Thursday morning I watched my baby niece come into the world. Well, if that isn’t an incredibly amazing week then I don’t know what is. So, with an empty refrigerator filled only with eggs and Costco lemonade I was contemplating what recipe… Read more »

Wow. It has been a long while since I have shared a recipe with y’all. I apologize. Life is crazy. Like really crazy. Between house showings and then finally selling, to vacations and summer break, messing up my kitchen and setting aside the time to photograph and post recipes have taken a major backseat. But I am back, with a good one. This recipe is simple, and delicious, and honestly just a great healthy snack. My kids love these, and… Read more »

I made this stew a few months ago after looking through my refrigerator and throwing a bunch of random ingredients into a pot. That’s usually when magic happens right!?  It was nothing short of the most delicious stew ever, according to my husband, so he of course has been asking for it every so often since that night. But if I can be totally honest with you I was a little intimidated that I wouldn’t be able to replicate the flavor. As I cooked the… Read more »

 This dessert. Oh friends, this dessert is by far our families favorite. Its fresh, simple, not too sweet, and because of the fresh ingredients you don’t feel too bad about indulging. I had some leftover shortbread cookies from wild ones birthday party so I whipped this treat up in no time. Sugar cookies are also perfect in place of the shortbread ones and I am sure Oreo’s would be divine, so just use whatever cookie you have on hand. (Unless of course… Read more »


I think I have mentioned before that I am not much of a breakfast maker. Morning time during the week in our home is kind of, well if I am being honest, really is a mad house. Kids are running around, I am packing lunches, finding the missing shoe or sock, sorting through the clean laundry (that is yet to be folded) to find the clean pair of uniform pants, and somewhere in there finding something to put in front of them… Read more »

I mentioned before that we took the gluten free plunge after the new year. Part of my pledge to myself was to have this be an easy transition for my family. I didn’t want to scare off my husband or children with a drastic change to our normal menu. I am a firm believer that good whole foods are the most delicious foods and I try my best to serve them in a way that is comforting to those eating…. Read more »

Yesterday I shared with y’all some tips on how ease the troubles of hosting a holiday party. If you didn’t read it you can check it out here. Well today I wanted to share with y’all my Christmas breakfast menu. Every year for about five years now I have hosted Christmas morning breakfast. This is my holiday. I actually find myself getting a little protective of it because it is the only holiday I have been given the privilege of… Read more »