I think as a stay at home mom, and being a mom in general, a tough struggle is taking care of myself. When the day is full of drop offs, pick ups, clean ups, diaper changes, homework, cooking, and cleaning some more, I don’t take the time to ever sit down and feed myself. A quick peanut butter sandwich as I am running out the door, or a protein bar as I am passing through the kitchen, is usually the… Read more »

Even though summer is winding down in many places, and everyone is embracing fall and all things pumpkin, here in AZ its still 100+ everyday. So, because of that, I am going to share with you one of my favorite summer recipes. Yes, another salad. But this one is extra delicious because it is in pizza form. This is a perfect dinner for a warm (or hot) night. Pair it with a grilled chicken breast and you have yourself a nice full meal…. Read more »

  During summers in Arizona I tend to cook a lot of meals that don’t require a lot of heat. This means we eat a lot of salads. Now my husband is very much a meat and potato man, so salads aren’t really his “thing”. This means I have to get creative and make some “manly food” into salads. That is exactly how the idea of this salad came to be, I took a guy favorite, the chicken wing, and turned it into a… Read more »